Sunday, July 17, 2011

An Upcoming Event from Evelyn Patricia Terry

An announcement I got in the mail that I will pass along (and I am showing here as well):

EVENT: GALLERY DAY/George Ray McCormick Celebration
Location: Terry McCormick Gallery Contemporary Fine and Folk Art
Address:  2522 North 18th Street, Milwaukee, WI 53206
Date: July 30, 2011
Time: 12:00 noon - 5:00 pm

Although, I am working on more renovations of the Terry McCormick Gallery (porch, yard and floors), I will open the gallery on Gallery Day, July 30, to celebrate George Ray McCormick's life and creativity. He made his transition on July 30, 2009. There are several yard sculptures and bug creatures that he welded from  mixed media found objects. Some even have carved pieces intermixed. Also his portfolio includes many nk drawings and pencil sketches, which include a marvelous set of drawings that reflect his struggle with depression. He expressed a  desire for his work to move into museum and patron collections who focused on preserving the intuitive work of contemporary folk artists. Visitors also get the privilege of viewing his last body of work, the "Rooster Series." I will continue to search for the meaning of the work in his various writings. I know that he loved drawing chickens and birds. I discovered a statement about his desire to return as an Eagle. George often spoke to many people about his artwork. I would love to include statements to this end with the exhibition.

Included in that gallery exhibition is artwork by Ammar Nsoroma, Shana Goetsch, Jacqueline Richards, Ktinsley, Eamon Quinn Bridges, and Adjua Nsoroma and of course my work (Evelyn Patricia Terry)

A great time to begin a collection if you haven't started and a great time to add to your collection if you have.

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