Wednesday, July 13, 2011

The Dreaded Install

I am almost finished with the 4,000 collograph prints (400 more to go!), and have started to install my thesis show. Even while trying to be as simple as possible with my process, it's still a pain...I have all morning tomorrow, and all day Friday, so I think it should work out for me. The official opening is on Monday (we got bumped by Artscape), and we have an Artist Talk on Tuesday evening. I will take many photos, but until then, here is the announcement:

AND, we made this video teaser of MACA Team Awesome doing a "Power Walk". I totally made them do this, for funzies, because I have watched far too many tv dramas in my day...

This one is a short out takes piece. The opening shot is me (hilariously) busting through the Fox Building's doors...

(Both of these brilliant videos were created by fellow MACAn, Jessica Wyatt.)

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