Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Row Houses Galore

Today we had our final crit, which was excellent. So I'm definitely ending this semester on a high note...we go back to class in mid-June and then we graduate and have our final visual thesis show up in July. YAY!

The last two suites of images were what I presented today...and I got photos! I can only imagine the printed piece when it has over 4,000 prints. There are only about 400 finished now and I was still impressed. I had never seen them all at once, rolled out, so it was a proud moment. I was also pleased with how the four large plates turned out...very worn and dilapidated, and the inks dimmed the brightness of the materials I used....the color was dimmed or covered, just like domestic violence does to people. The metaphor was sound, and it was 'read' by everyone at crit. Very cool.

After crit I hung the second portion of my thesis at Jubilee Arts (the large scale plates pictured below) along with the shelter residents' art which revolved around the idea of "safe spaces".  I think it looks good, but it's so difficult to take photos of art through glass. I'm not satisfied, so I'll have to try again tomorrow, when I drop off the statements and put the finishing touches on it for Friday's opening. But these photos (below) are a good representation of my work. I will update the flickr sites soon enough and post a link to the exhibition images. Until then, final crit images!



erratioanimus said...

Hey Shana,
Not sure if you remember me but its Tony. I don't generally use this site very much but I have been following your work over the years from here believe it or not. It is awesome to see you exhibit all over the place now! Cheers to your success. My only accomplishments since last we spoke was maturing and diversifying as an artist. If you are ever in Milwaukee I would love to get coffee with you and share our work, experiences, and ideas. Since we worked in a restaurant together you may find my current project interesting. I am writing a social commentary. Mainly focused on the idea of the individual versus the group and the personal cost of each. I have it set in a restaurant for various reasons that I would love to discuss one day. But anyway looks like things are going great for you. Cheers to you again. Keep your art true and the fight good! Until next we speak!
Tony S.

shana goetsch said...

Hey Tony!
Aw thanks!...i will actually be in milwaukee in August for a solo show at the RAA in riverwest. you should stop in and we'll talk. sounds like you have quite the plot and subplot going on there already-sounds interesting!
there will be details on the solo show on here soon enough...
Thanks again Tony!

Lola B said...

LOVE THESE SO MUCH. and wow, the internet is amazing, isnt it????