Tuesday, May 17, 2011

More Crit photos

The lovely Alexis Iammarino sent me these photos that she shot during our final crit...


Lola B said...

love these shots of you, they arent posed so no chance of closed eyes. and besides, youre so fierce.

CJ said...

Congratulations! Your work is very impressive and has a powerful statement.

I always liked the term "bite" as it refers to printmaking. For printmaking through the ages has at times taken a great big "bite' out of social injustices.

I knew your Aunt Phyllis during her Peace Corps years in Brazil. (I've recently been corresponding with your father about her.)

After Peace Corps, I taught art in public schools and community colleges for 30 years before I retired.

Now I am doing mostly digital art. I love "playing" with the possibilities and variations that can be achieved with the computer. At first I was scanning images I had created with drawing and painting media, then enhancing and changing them. Later, I started to create images directly on the computer. Now I've come full-circle ---I am "sketching" on the computer and plan to create paintings from those digital ideas.

Your father sent a link about your exhibit, which eventually led me to your blog.

shana goetsch said...

Thank you CJ! what a small world, eh? On my dad's side, Phyllis was the only one with some artistic ability or want....i believe i take after her a bit. I enjoyed the printmaking (just finished last night) because it is so hands on and physical. I can take a lot out on my work, i guess.
thanks for the comment! i appreciate you stopping by.