Wednesday, April 6, 2011

NYC and Wisconsin

I have a few photos on flickr now from the recent mural tour of New York City that MAC/CAC took. I also have a few more recent photos of my quilt piece, or as I like to call it, "fabric collage". I changed the original theme from women's rights to workers' rights because I have been so obsessed with what has been going on in Madison and around the country. It actually hurts me when I watch the news, because I can't be in Wisconsin to protest this (imo) insanity.

Link to flickr set of the NYC mural tour:

The statement for my quilted piece is as follows:

The bird is used here as a metaphor for freedom, forward movement and our basic human rights. Specifically, I have been thinking about the nationwide attack and vilification of the working class in America. When "birds" are caged and their voices are squelched, all freedom is lost.

When they cannot sing, they scream.

Finished (but without the cage bars) piece above.

This is the official state seal on the Wisconsin state flag, and it's located near the top of the piece. We are having a simulated "cage bar" down the center and across each of the pieces. I placed this centrally because I knew the two people would be severed/divided...just as Wisconsin is right now.

This writing above says: Collective bargaining is a democratic action that keeps us one step away from slavery and takes us several steps closer to equality.

Located in the center of this raven's body is a sacred heart with the words "Forward" and "Wisconsin" across it. The writing at the bottom says "Forward not Backward".

P.S. The Wisconsin state statue by Jean P. Miner is also entitled "Forward".

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