Saturday, November 20, 2010

Been Real Busy

Hey Peeps! I've been extremely busy with my site work for House of Ruth Maryland as well as trying to think of what my thesis work will encompass next semester. I will be working on my thesis proposal this weekend, but until then, here is my vision statement as well as my artist statement so far:

Vision Statement

My aim is to help illustrate the issues of domestic violence by creating a narrative surrounding the themes of fear and helplessness. To give voice to those who are living in constant fear of reprisal through the visual theme of ‘silent screams’. I will aggressively fight domestic violence by shining a light on the subject through my art, specifically through the mediums of painting and printmaking. I hope that survivors will gain voice, empowerment and recognition without carrying the stigma of weakness, and without the continued threat of emotional and physical violence by others.

Artist Statement

If they cannot sing, they scream.
Survivors of Domestic Violence long for a voice, having had their sense of self insidiously belittled and beaten out of them. The silent scream is the subject of my newest pieces, and of my continued goal to fight domestic violence pictorially. What a silent scream says is louder, more terrifying and more wounded than a scream with sound could ever be. What I aim to portray in this suite of images is but a mere moment of silent terror where many DV victims live daily. Even though the scream is wholly silent, it encapsulates a terrifying narrative that explains fear, helplessness and living in a state of continued mental and physical abuse at the hands of someone else.

In the meantime I have been making more row house prints as well, but my scanner died and I don't have enough time to shop for a new one...I'm doing the work of two years in one, so life is a bit harrowing for now...and I'm thinking of going for my MFA and then taking some business classes. We'll see where life takes me...


Vag said...

LOVE them both honey! so amazing, i love how you write and evoke such emotion....inspirational.

Brian Sylvester said...


Work, work, work...oh, I do know. I hope you are allowing yourself some down time for the holiday!

Take good care,

Momo Luna said...

Clear statements Shana.....

I'm a survivor as well. And happy i can express myself thru art. It's great you doing this silent scream series.

Sweet greetz for you.

shana goetsch said...

Brian- what holiday? (the answer is 'no')
Monica- I am saddened to hear that, but happy that you have found art as a means to heal. thanks for your comment.