Friday, October 1, 2010

To Tell Her Story

"Love is stronger than violence."
-Hermann Hesse

I have been working and THINKING about my new piece for about a week now. There have been elements other than the piece itself to consider. Namely, The Pixel Project's Paint it Purple Campaign for which I am a part of. I feel that my art should follow suit, because that's what I'm meant to do, rather than bake cupcakes. Their campaign name is "Paint it Purple" so how could I not actually paint something? I created a visual 'response' to their 'call'.

I decided awhile ago that I would work larger. In general, I have not gotten much opportunity to work this big, I hadn't the equipment. But now I do! I made this piece a 24" x 50". I would say it rivals some of my largest pieces ever made. And certainly the subject matter does as well.

I am not usually so direct, but everything I needed just fell into place for this, and I believe I can over-think a subject such as domestic violence, it's so complex. However, sometimes things are about being economical. I know I have spoken about economy of movement and language before, and this is much the same: economy of thought.

I was set on using the quote above, and I realized that in order to tell my mother's story, I had to tell mine as well. I have used and manipulated the quote into: "My love is stronger than your violence". I am pretty happy with this piece, and separately, the actions I took to support the Pixel Project.

 My Love Is Stronger Than Your Violence

To see the other post I made for the Pixel Project's campaign, please go here:


Inkpunk Artworks said...


Now I understand your passion for your work. I admire your strength and resolve!

I hope all is well with you!

Take care,

shana goetsch said...

all for my mom...
thanks brian. everything is fabulous today, like a weight has been lifted.

Vag said...

this is raw power....woa. just woa.
its...i cant find the words how this affects me. its almost cerebral.

shana goetsch said...

it was pretty intense for people in person too. like, emotional reactions that i could see. it's always really interesting, thinking of that power coming through art, or ME...i just love making something that is solid. i feel like this is. thanks v.