Sunday, October 10, 2010

New(s) II

Yep. Just enough time for a few links:

My mural was recently (August) featured in the JSOnline's Milwaukee Murals slide show!  Two photos are in there, the next is a close-up. I was happy to see mine (faded but untagged) amongst the lot of fine public murals featured, and I was happy there were a lot more from the Art in The Alleys Project 2008.
God only knows why, but murals in general, happen to be a very big issue in the Milwaukee community. People still have very strong opinions on Public Art of all kinds within the city, as evidenced by the related article on JSOnline's Art City blog. You can reach that through the slide show as well.
The home of Art in the Alleys, Tru Skool's recent controversial muraling, the Blue Shirt at the airport, the Bronzed Fonz downtown, and more and more....Milwaukee is a hotbed of conservativism in public art. They often seem to think they've chosen an inappropriate piece, or have put the piece in an inappropriate place. They seem to hate art by youth or "outsiders", and often hate art by well-renowned artists can never tell, and you never win as an artist in, or dealing with, Milwaukee.

From my experience, Baltimore is nothing like that...just sayin'. In Baltimore, there is so much public art available for viewing. The more I see it here, the more inclined I am to appreciate the plethora offered to me. As I said recently in the piece I wrote about my work for My Creation in The Urbanite Baltimore, it's constant artistic eye candy here in Baltimore. Every two or three blocks you can find a piece of public art, no exaggeration. If they didn't like murals here, I doubt I'd see so many. My two cents, and a link to one of my favorites in the link, and use the thumbnails at the bottom to see the different locations that this absolutely striking image was painted...the Baltimore Love Project.

One more topic:
I was mentioned in The Pixel Project's blog about the recent Paint it Purple campaign, and I will soon be writing a guest blog post for them. I am currently trying to decide what issue, specifically, to write about. And if it will be addressing art or art therapy or just domestic violence. Will it be my story, or someone else's...? All are questions I will be thinking about in the coming week.

That's all from me...Cheers!

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Vag said...

good job yo. how true about the differences between the cities though. interesting for sure.