Thursday, October 14, 2010


My installation, Passageways will be available for viewing at this coming event!

Terry McCormick Gallery
Contemporary Fine and Folk Art

A Reception: Featuring Fondé P. Bridges
Gallery Day, October 16, 2010, 12 – 5 pm
2522 North 18th Street

Fondé P. Bridges will share his poetry at 1 & 4pm.  Luminous, Fondé's new inspirational audio elixir comprised of selected inspirational sayings from his sold out self-published book 101 Simple Suggestions for Better Living, will be available for purchase.

Fondé P. Bridges is an expert dynamo motivational speaker and inspirational author with a wonderful over flowing gift of words. He promotes and emphasizes the need for self‑efficacy and has found that people respond deeply to the power of encouraging words and the instant impact words have on self-esteem. One of his pearls of wisdom is "You were born with what you need to succeed, the rest you'll get as you grow!" Hire Fondé to host your event, present in-service teacher workshops and work with k-12 schools. Visit to hear Fondé discuss the Terry McCormick Gallery with Adam Carr on 88.9 Radio Milwaukee.

On a 2700-mile road trip from Milwaukee to San Diego, I listened to this fellow Libra’s words through most of my journey and it gave me a kind of peace. It was just what I needed to guide me. I could not have asked for any better companion. Everybody really likes the action part at the end of each statement, like "Do it!" Nothing could be…more resonating than the endings. The endings are the catch!
                                                 —Painter, Writer, Musician, Eddie (Fazz) Ngwa
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