Saturday, August 14, 2010

Did I Ever you these pieces? I don't think I have. They are being mailed soon for the RAA Annual Members' Show in October. I figured I'd mail them now, while I have the time. Anyway, these are the two pieces I picked, one figurative, one circular.

Her Curves and Angles

The second piece is part of a series that, well...look like the Rorschach inkblots. I started the series at #11 because Rorschach curiously stopped his tests at #10. Probably because it's hack psychology and he couldn't think any further about his own lame idea. Well, where one lame idea ends...I pick it back up. However, I will not be diagnosing anyone with these so I'm way less lame, thank you.

Rorschach Test #13


Vag said...

hahah, his tests really were lame. and of course i was always and still am intrigued with the preggers.

yolanda said...

Hey Shana,

Long time since I've commented on your blog! Still loving your work... keep it up!