Sunday, May 30, 2010

Soon, My Beloved

I have moved to Baltimore finally, and I have physically carried the bulk of my belongings several times now. I am physically exhausted, and mentally drained. I crave water like a long lost lover. And I cannot paint. Presently, the logistics of my new apartment are frightening. Things (I will term them that because I have no idea what's in all of these boxes...even the labeled boxes, for some reason. Fancy that, it's all a surprise) are aaall ooover the place. I'm pretty sure my official watercolor painting bucket was one of the first things I moved in here, so it will surely be one of the last things that I find. It traveled with me, and my cat, in my car, on the road trip here. Only the best, most loved of my things got such preferential treatment.

For the past month, I have been writing all of my ideas out on paper, with that I have a general guide of my original thought process, for when I am able to start back up. *sigh* I long for it (the brushstroke, the color, the words, the paper, the FEEL). Soon, my beloved...

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