Monday, May 3, 2010

The Opening I Had to Miss

I don't enjoy that, since I am an exhibiting artist in the show. BDAAA's Hello Again, Recycled Art exhibition started yesterday. I was in Baltimore at the time, and it couldn't be helped. But I took some photos during the drop-off day last week, so at least I could give you something to look at in the meantime.

One of my favorite artists from my days at MIAD is in this show with me. (unreal!) Thomas Noffsinger's work was always hanging in the lower level hall, on the way to the library. He's a professor there, but I never took any of his classes (he's 2D/4D Design faculty). Anyway, I always thought he was so talented, and knew how to use just the right amount of found objects in his work. He really utilizes his medium. Seriously, I think his work is genius, and he is someone whose skills and talent I should learn from. Of all the pieces I saw hanging in that school, his are my most remembered. would have been cool to meet him at the opening reception, but alas...

Here is the link to the flickr set. The exhibition starts at the bottom, with this really bad photo of me in front of one of my pieces. Every. Time.


Heather Gordy said...

It's a bummer you couldn't be there, but it's awesome you were a part of it.

I love Noffsinger's work. It's beautifully captivating. And your right...he does use just the right amounts of found objects and collage work mixed in with his own 2D renderings.

Vag said...