Friday, October 9, 2009

Studio One

What have I been doing lately? Well, I have been painting some larger circles in watercolor, on a different kind of thinner paper. I liked, and disliked that it was easier for me to tear. (said paintings are on a pile towards the back of this photo)

Almost ready for grad school applications. It's a humdinger this year...5 schools total. I'm getting all of my ducks (pieces) in a row. Pray for me people, PRAY.

And tonight I bring the piece in for the Guildess show, Bittersweet. Love-knot will be up next week for Gallery Night and Day! It's half of my duo, based on Alfred Noyes' epic poem The Highwayman. Poor lil Bess, this was her piece.

I also have a few other submissions in the works (as usual). It's just a waiting game now, and again.

Wish me luck in all of my upcoming artistic endeavors!
(and cross some fingers, please)


Heather said...

Are those kids trays you're using for palettes? That's a great idea if it is.

shana goetsch said...

i'm not sure what you mean by kid's trays, being that kids are an alien concept...but they are tv dinner trays. swanson's, i believe. i routinely hijack them from my dad's house. i have about 5 now that i work with. they have to be white, is the only problem...and i rarely eat tv dinners.

those little tiny egg things they sell for watercolors will just not do with me. plus, i paint with entirely too much water for that tiny itty bitty jazz. and they are a rip-off, because swanson's foods makes a very fine watercolor palette. it also come with food. now that's a deal.

Heather said...

LOL! You can buy paper trays like that in the paper plate section in the grocery store. They usually have some cartoon character or something on it (you can find white occasionally) and I guess that's what I meant by kids trays. :)

I agree with those tiny things at art stores. Not enough room when working with water.

Vag said...

whats this other thing you "got in the works"?

shana goetsch said...

can't talk about them, or they won't come true!