Monday, October 19, 2009

Make That Four...

I just now, was made aware that I have participated in an international group exhibition in BC, Canada! How's that for exciting...I've shown internationally! The Postcard Readings exhibit opened this month in one location and will be up for the rest of the month in another gallery in Trail, BC. WHOOP! 4 shows, one month, and it ain't even done yet.

just to remind you...this is what is currently showing in Canada.

(I'm still painting, don't worry...just behind on the 'showing' aspect of this little show and tell. I'm about to make some collages up in here, in fact. And I'm applying for another free show that looks promising....gotta be there by the 31st though. I just love juried exhibits with no entry fee. LOVE.)

Official Tally: ArtWalk-2 exhibits total, one solo exhibit + Guildess-group exhibit + Postcard Readings-international group exhibit = Shana's October EPIC WIN


Vag said...

yay, shana FTW!
wierd, i did a few collages this weekend. mine are just for fun, though. i's probably be in that art show you're having for a collage of eyes. snore.

shana goetsch said...

woohoo...doncahknowtherehey. haven't gotten to the collage one yet...behind on stuff.