Saturday, October 3, 2009

ArtWalk 2009, Photography Exhibit

mmmK. I'm gonna jinx myself purposely and repeat (outloud, to the universe, whathaveyou) that I sold one of these photos today (I seriously can't learn to contain these things). She's picking it up "tomorrow", so we'll see about that one. However, if it's true, and I did sell one of these photos....that means I'm THIRTEEN whole dollars richer than yesterday. Yeah, I said it, 'thirteen'. In fact, if I sell one more, I'll cover the entire cost of the photos. It's not easy being this talented and cheap *wink*.

I will have my 'Pick of Pics' for all of ArtWalk available to you sometime soon, as there's one more day of A.R.T. to go!
ETA: She arrived right at 4p like she said she would, and indeed, bought the photo. YAY!


Vag said...

i wish i could see this video! i feel so isolated out here in the video capabilities.
haha, but seriously.
and she showed up!
so take that, world!

Heather said...

Nice Job! I'd get tired of hearing the organ over and over though. ;)

shana goetsch said...

ah, the organ music was only for part of the time, luckily.
i just filmed with it on because it was creepy and surreal.