Saturday, July 11, 2009

still painting, not posting....

I have become so busy this summer with RAA kid's programming and other related gallery stuff, that I am not finding the time to scan in seven paintings per week. I am thinking of instead, doing a bi-weekly post, 14 paintings at a time. However I am still behind this week on that (clearly). Hopefully when I get home tonight, or tomorrow morning, I can get something up for y'all.
I miss my blog!


Vag said...

we miss it too!

Heather said...

^^That we do!^^

shana goetsch said...

aaw. thanks guys!

my goal is after volunteering today...i scan them.
let's see if that works.
i am researching grad schools this month too...and am making some headway with that, so there ya go.
still doing stuff.

but today, i'm hoping, more paintings.