Sunday, June 7, 2009

Good, Junky Times

These are two, of the three pieces I will have in the (re)cycle (re)visit show. These are both quite old, as well (at least 4 years on each). But I really wanted to give them a chance to 'shine' before it was far too late, it almost is. The third piece that is in the show, was revamped right beforehand, so I have no current photo...yet...I will be able to take advantage of the excellent lighting at The Jazz Gallery.

Fire and Noise
(collage, wax, found fabric, recycled canvas)

Requiem (collage, wintergreen transfer on paper remnants and found mat)

Check it out Milwaukee (and neighboring communities)!

(all images copyright protected, Shana R. Goetsch)


Vag said...

i always thught requiem would stay in your possession for some reason.

and fire and noise...well, you know how i feel about that one.

shana goetsch said...

you are correct, requiem is not for sale. the others are though.