Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Oh! Right.

I scanned these a few hours ago and was just staring off into space, when realized I had something to post. Whoops. It's one of those days....a dreamin one.

These are from April 2 until today, and I'm really pleased with the latter part of the sequence. 365.eighty-four, I especially want to's so richly blue and spirally. Okay, I guess I'm no slouch after all.

365.seventy eight









Vag said...

shana goetsch said...

i totally thought there would be one that said 'paintin' but there was not. i was let down. i did like the 'voting in cat elections' one though. of course! and the kgb thing seemed apt since they are so sneaky.

shana goetsch said...
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shana goetsch said...

(i spelled it all wrong.)
as a side note, are you saying these are crap? ha.

Heather Gordy said...

I like eighty-four too. There's something kinda creepy about eighty-one. Almost like it's carved into a piece of skin which makes it all the more interesting.

shana goetsch said...

thanks. i get that skin thing a lot, frankly...and creepily.

Vag said...

yer crap! ha! no, seriously. i didnt know where else to leave it caus i hate myspace.
yea, the skin thing. it always comes back.