Monday, April 13, 2009

The Body

This episode of Buffy was one of the best hours of tv I have ever seen, truthfully. The Body, is the episode where her mother died. It was/is so hard for me to watch it, but it is so perfectly portrayed and written and shot. It is a very thoughtful look on death and how it effects real people. This episode in particular was so stark and quiet and powerful, and considering the genre of Buffy....different, important. I can't find the actual episode, but I think that this video encapsulates some of the lines/best expressions of grief in the show. The confusion, the emotion, is very tactile and very real to me in this episode. Again, hard to hear. But I think I need to deal with my own difficulties of this nature every now and again. A reminder and a tribute, I suppose.

And the official UPN promo. The episode itself is NOWHERE online right now. Still good though. (rent it or something, season 5)


Vag said...

damn, i wish you could find the real episode becuase i honestly believe that episode is Sarah's best acting to date. For many reasons but mainy because of her range, timing, non-verbals and pure, raw life (death)...also willow's when she breaks down and says "Tara".
gonna go watch it again.

Vag said...

i also remember being affected by her vomitting outide, her face is all sweaty, sun still shining and you can hear neighborhood kids in the still happening around her.

Heather Gordy said...

I so remember that episode. Guess it's one that's hard to forget anyway.

shana goetsch said...

i had a 'the vomiting part' myself, with the quiet and the life going on.
i felt that same thing. in fact i felt many of the same things. that's why this ep is so important. there's a realm of reality that it touches, that other shows about death do not did/not.
the 'we're not supposed to touch the body!' part, and buffy's ensuing horror that she referred to her mom as such. dawn's figurative/body drawing at school in art class when she is told...the quiet. when she asks very honestly at the end, 'where did she go?' and reaches out to touch her mom's face in the morgue, and we never see it because the ep ends right exactly before that. so good.
the show is perfect, imo.