Thursday, January 29, 2009

Myspace Thinks My Blog Has 'Head Lice'

come see the show. *jazz hands*
But apparently it's spam.....and not only was the link disabled, but it also handily tells everyone who clicks on it from my page that this blog (THIS blog you are reading right now) is considered "spam" and "naughty". Myspace also likens it to "head lice".
They are classy with a 'K'.
I've never even had head lice.
I know who should though...

And I certainly don't appreciate the comparison.
It's defamation of character, and I have told them that in email form, repeatedly.

I am thoroughly against the idea of my art (my WORK), that is primarily about women's issues and victimization, as "naughty".

That's some nerve...that I need to pinch.

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