Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Empty, Rather Than Full II

More thoughts on loss. In my thesis paper for my BFA, I wrote in much length about the subject of loss. In the first line I described the quality of loss. It's a curious thing, because the main motivation behind loss seems to be leaving one in a state of absence. Although, I believe the very nature of absence to be full...of loss.

Think about losing something, or someone. We can still feel them after we have lost them, perhaps even more keenly. Loss creates something else in its own absence; there is still a presence being felt. And maybe that has to do with the concept of 'lost and found' because we are always expecting to find it again, aren't we? We are surprised when we have lost something, every time, because we still feel it....somewhere. We very much expect to get it back, we always think we'll have it again.

It's a new and different angle in regards to loss, for me. I'd like to further explore it, and come back to it. But it's an addendum to my thoughts on the subject. Loss leaving something else behind in its wake. Maybe it doesn't leave something entirely different (in the form of loss). Maybe it leaves like, a shadow of itself (but also in the form of loss).

So if the ultimate goal is to get back what we have lost, but we still have a 'loss shadow' that which we have lost really gone at all? If it's a shadow, it alludes that a part of it is still there. If the act of losing has left a presence behind, is it the same presence, merely in a different form? Or is it more like residue?

...has the 'full' been here all along?

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Vag said...

so true about shadows...there is most definitely something there.