Monday, January 26, 2009

Break the Silence

I just sent off my submissions and hope you will consider it too!
I have copied this CALL FOR ART SUBMISSIONS from:

break the silence

Welcome to break the silence project. com. Here are the beginning steps of a community project that encourages the exploration of issues surrounding sexual abuse through creative means. Among things to come are a forum and a directory of other creative projects that address these topics.

The main goals of the Break the Silence project are to showcase creative works that deal with sexual violence, to provide a possibility for community-building, and to further raise public awareness and dialogue on these subjects.

CALL FOR SUBMISSIONS (this is where you come in)

Break the Silence is looking for submissions that address the themes of the silence around sexual abuse, reasons people stay silent, and experiences of breaking that silence.

All visual and literary arts as well as other forms of creative expression are welcomed. This includes, but is not limited to:

photography, painting, collage, drawing, watercolor, mixed media, digital works
audio and video works - possibilities include music, spoken word, video pieces
fiction, creative nonfiction, prose, poetry
any combinations of the above!
You do NOT have to be a professional artist/writer/musician/whatever to participate in this. You simply need to have something to say on the subject of sexual violence and find the way to say it that best suits you.

Submissions will be showcased on this website, with the possibility of later being part of a printed publication and/or traveling exhibition.

To submit:


Should be in JPG format, at least 2500 pixels on their longest side, and under 10 megabytes each.
Can be sent as an email attachment or mailed on a CD.
You may send a hard copy instead, no more than 11" on longest side.

WAV format preferred, MP3 also accepted.
Can be sent as email attachment or mailed on CD.

Should be sent in MOV format.
Preferably mailed on CD.

Should be in DOC or PDF format.
Please note if type is meant to formatted a specific way - i.e. if font choice, layout, etc. is integral to the piece.
Consider creative ways of showing your written work - i.e. if appropriate, could be handwritten instead of typed and sent as image, etc.

The title clearly indicated.
Your name as you would like it displayed. You may choose to remain anonymous or use a pseudonym.
Your location - city, state, country. (*optional)
A brief comment/explanation of the piece. (*optional)
A way for you to be contacted. This will not be made public.
Multiple submissions are welcome. Send email submissions to

All other submissions can be sent to:
Break the Silence project
PO Box 1536
Lexington, KY 40588

Please note, these materials will not be returned.
Any questions?

There is NO fee to enter. DEADLINE IS MARCH 15, 2009.

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