Sunday, January 18, 2009

Art Purse

I have one. Would you like to see what's in it? Y'all are going to anyway since I took several photos.
But looking in purses is fun, and there are a bunch of wacky tools in mine. Here goes:

This is my art purse.

The art purse after all contents are spilled. There are tons of fun and odd things in here. Everything I may need at any given time is right here.

This is a shot of all of my carving tools. I use these babies for scraping, and marking up the paper. As you can see, I have a huge variety. And not one, but two forks, since they have different thicknesses.

This is my absolute favorite tool. This is the one I always start with, and use the most. I may add others to my symphony, but I always grab the half-scissors first. If I could hug this tool without fear of getting poked, or a new tetanus shot, I definitely would.

And it all fits back inside when I am done. Art purses are handy.


Vag said...

Dr Goetsch,
I'd like to schedule my abortion at 10 am. Thanks.

shana said...

yeah, yeah...what's even more alarming is that i often have to fish sharp objects like this out of my regular purse too. i never exactly remember putting them there.

thrashbags|||love|||fossils said...

oh my shit. brilliant.
i absolutely want that bag.
i hope your wearing tarty short. xo

Vag said...

my mom used to say she has mouse traps in hers. now i know it was true.