Thursday, January 15, 2009


I have decided that since I am not so motivated to be painting anything right now....that I would force the issue and make myself adhere to this easy plan: One circle painting per day.
That's the whole plan. It truly is a simple one. I have given myself no limitations other than that, no additional restrictions or boundaries. I can use any type of surface...just has to have a circle of some kind, and some paint. Can I do it? Well I'm gonna seriously try this. It's going to allow me to play with different surfaces, as well as get me into the habit of constantly painting. I do paint a lot, on average, don't get me wrong. But there are sometimes huge gaps in my painting habits, that are thinking times for my other work. I still feel they should be filled though....with something. That 'something' is going to have to be circles, as I doubt I could even tolerate looking at another shape every day for a year.
So you see....I'll actually be doing myself a favor by creating circles ad nauseam.
I've chosen the more active option of 'combat' towards my creative block. It's ON. *airkick*

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Vag said...

skin. metal skin.