Sunday, November 16, 2008

When I Need It

I finished the second piece in this suite. I'd throw up a photo of my finished product, but I'm so lo-tech, and shooting any photos requires sunlight for me. I feel it is the best representation of my color in photos. Seriously though, my work is waaay nicer than I can ever get the photos. Alas, me working during the day is not helping matters in the sunlight department. So you'll have to wait on that until my next day off, and hope that it's not overcast that morning.
In the meantime I have started the third installment of my series, 'Deer Hart (Dear Heart)'. This one has no catchy subtitle yet. It'll find itself soon enough though. I have to wait for the content to dictate the title (or in this case, the subtitle), and that's never completely planned out. I have that habit of grabbing things that have been laying on my floor, and stepped on, and kicked around for months. That always shakes things up for me. But it is curious...I often wonder how exactly I have all this potential art just laying around. Where did it come from, exactly? Why is it on my floor? And I suppose, what's not on my floor that I couldn't find and use? That solves that.
Mysteriously, I have what I need when I need it. And that little ditty, I should remember to see if I can apply to other situations in my life...
So yeah, working on the third piece, and severely running out of storage space. I'll have to think of something more clever for the found objects pieces. Everything is irregular and unstackable. I don't even want to think about moving right now...too late *faints*

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