Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Things With Wings

Of course, since I just complained about the religious factor, I'm going to put up a series I did about 6 years ago that is sorta religiousy. I'm kooky like that. Not necessarily angels, but they definitely have wings. I am also including some of the anonymous MIAD critiques I received for these pieces, since I still have them because I'm a mad saver.

Here come the peer reviews:

1.I find your work very expressive with it's usage of colors and the modeling of the layers of color and the background! To keep 50 images fresh is quite the feat. Your color repetition makes this suite read not only individually, but wholly. Beautiful.

2.Every piece has its own feel, whether it's because of color choices, expression in marks, etc. there is a certain uneasiness I get when looking at all of these pieces as a whole. I don't know if it's the chaotic vibe running through these pieces or what-whatever the case I was moved.

3.You have definitely gotten 'divinity' across in this suite. The centering of the 'winged creatures' on each piece of paper, and the immense amount of this type of repeated image. I enjoy the various versions you have come up with. There is wonderful movement in all of these pieces.

4.The ambiguity of each figure, repeated 50 times over, and that the figure is female (I assume) seems to be more overwhelming than spiritual feeling. The work seems to be related to elevating the female form to an iconic image.

and the professor, Anne Miotke: Individually, I partly feel that these are not mystical beings, but rather temptresses, as evidenced by the sensual poses, emphasis on the groin, etc. So it is interesting that as a group they are one thing, and individually they vary.

*sigh* I really loved her classes.

A few more, and how I ended up mounting them:

(p.s. bad photos, I know. It was way before I had the digital though)


Stanford said...

These are amazing!
I have an affinity for winged things.
The moment I saw these pictures I was astounded.

shana said...

wow. thank you. wow. astounded? nice.

yolanda said...

i LOVE these. wow, shana you are so talented. do you sell your art anywhere?

shana said...

i show my work but i pretty much haven't sold anything yet. i have to set up a way to contact me on here and everywhere else, i think.
thanks so much!

shana said...
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shana said...

(^typos^) but yes, i am always willing to sell!!!

yolanda said...

go for it!