Sunday, November 23, 2008

'Deer Hart (Dear Heart)-Loaded'

The third in this series subtitled 'Loaded', features the words 'nein lives' (I adore word plays and puns) written at the top, and a half-cat, half-deer for the animal subject matter. Hopefully that reads to the eye. I also spent some time thinking of hearts as weapons....and how that is possibly true for mine, at least. Don't want that thing going off!

So in essence, I have likened my own heart to that of a loaded gun....and then gave said 'loaded gun' away, only to be promptly turned back on me...*BANG* Well, that was a big part of my internal musings, at the very least.

Yeah, so here it is: Deer Hart (Dear Heart)-Loaded


Vag said...

i love the cadeer face.

shana said...

i was hoping people could tell that was what was going on. good. at least you can see it.