Thursday, November 6, 2008

Life is sweet...

when you have the right found object to go along with your painting! See, this is why I collect junk all the live long day, so that when I need them, they are there (the junks). I can't tell you how excited I was to remember that I had a piece from the top of a chair that would fit perfectly with my painting/found object...thing. (I have no idea what to call these sometimes, are they sculptures? Are they paintings? Just what?)
So I was doing a mental run-through of what I basically needed and what I had in my apartment, and I had this thought of the chair top. Well I wasted NO time, I scurried, and dug, and made jubilant noises. Junk makes me that excited y'all. So, I would have to say the first in my series, Deer hart (Dear heart) is now eighty percent complete....!!! Okay, back to work, but I just love it when a bit of magic comes into play when I'm painting. I swear, it's the only arena in which I am allowed to be this lucky.

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