Thursday, November 20, 2008

I'll Mirror You

Here's a little note about the state of some of my can see what it says with a mirror. That is, you can read the parts that look as if they are written in a foreign language. That's actually my handwriting backwards.

I pull this move for several reasons. First thing's first, I did it by mistake once because printmaking is hard. I also realized that my writing blown up and backwards was sorta cool-looking. In the same respect, I enjoy that it's my handwriting if the piece is about my experience, in particular. But I've often used typewriter print and other people's writing, little notes they left me and things like that.

Another worthy reason is that there are obvious implications with having something backwards rather than forwards, and having to 'mirror' something (someone) in order to understand or comprehend it. The fact that the writing is unreadable at first, but that there is a way to discover things later, is a great concept and still doesn't leave my work in a state of undo flashiness. It eludes, and quite frankly that seems to be a part of my personality, as well.

So anyway, if you have the need, you can click on the pics to the larger size and throw up a mirror. You may get more than you bargained for however, as my handwriting is more of a scrawl, rather than anything remotely legible.

The third piece 'Loaded', of my current series is almost complete. It should be up by this weekend. This one in particular does not contain any backwards writing. Deduce what you may.

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