Tuesday, November 25, 2008

I Was Moved Again

by this video. (the music player is at the bottom of the page, just hit pause. sorry.)

I got a little short of breath when I watched it again after not seeing it for months. Whew! Yeah, this is a really good dance show, Mia Michaels is the fabulous choreographer, and these are two tremendously powerful dancers. Throw in a good song, and it's a little slice of perfection ala mode.

I wish I were younger and could go back again and be a dancer, I love it so much. Movement in general is intriguing to me; the way a body, or different bodies move. That's fascinating to me. And so much can be projected in a dance, in a body motion. That's why I paint the figure, folks.

1 comment:

Vag said...

very powerful dancers. i seem to be drawn to her choreography more than others...her style must speak something to me.
now time to go watch my fave.