Thursday, November 27, 2008

I Miss Seeing the Sunrise

The mural(s) I made on the building across the street are gone now because they put large windows in the front there....which is safer for them, don't get me wrong. I believe they are the only corner store in the area that has not gotten robbed, or the owner shot and/or killed. So kudos to them for being able to have more of a view of the scene in the neighborhood.

However, I miss seeing my sunrise every day. All of the traffic going to work on Locust Street saw it every morning too, I hope it was something they missed a little snick too.

The store owners originally asked me to paint a mural, and that was up for a few years. Then they did major renovations on the facade of the building, and so the mural was gone during that period. Then I was invited by the owner to paint another version of the mural in the same spot. The coolest thing about it was the visibility factor, and that the mural I painted was in the front of their building, The sunrise, the subject, is also the name of the store, so it was featured in all of their print ads over the years, as well. How's that for cool?

They (combined) were up for a good 8 years, maybe more, and they were never vandalized once! Neither one of the murals I painted were ever tagged, and this neighborhood is tagged.

So anyway, I never get to see them anymore since they are gonegone... but I do have these swell photos...enjoy the rises.


Vag said...

when did they take it down?
i thought i used it as my visual marker to veer now(!).

shana said...

couple months ago.

Vag said...

i knew i saw it.