Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Good Times

I was making my profile at 'myartspace.com' and I was going through online articles to put links in, and I found this.
Big ups to antiques and "China Museum", yo. How they got a hold of my press release (which I wrote myself, thank you), I will never know. Also, I seem to have been put in their religious section of art news...?!? (scroll down) Truthfully, I've always been a bit touchy about people thinking my work is solely religious in nature. This however, rules. I am there (awesomely) right next to the Jesus orgy. The internet is funny.

Here is myartspace, and if you click the 'artist profile' button on the left, you can see my random imaged slideshow!
Again, good times.


Vag said...

everyone loves a jesus orgy!

shana said...

that's what i thought!