Friday, November 28, 2008

'Deer Hart (Dear Heart)-Force'

So I made this fourth piece in my series, subtitled Force, and lo and behold, it has a deer in it! No but seriously, this one took me by surprise. It was one of those that threw itself together. I found this random sheet of paper folded up in my purse (I can only conclude helper elves had a part in this again). The paper had gotten wet at some point, but it was a sheet of paper I had used to brainstorm for my artist's statement on the series, Sanguine. That has been in my purse, undetected by me since before the month of May! (Helper elves. They put the stuff on my floor for me too.)
It was a tough artist's statement to write, I remember, as it was dealing with pretty heavy subject matter, and I was instructed to craft my statement based on my peer feed-back. So they wrote words on a slip of paper and I had to use those to start with....which is why there is nothing particularly 'happy' written on that paper.
But I saw that in my purse and realized how perfect it was, so I put the deer transfer on top. And I wasn't expecting quite the message that came across after I was finished with it either. But there it is. It says more than I had planned, so it's like a little added bonus on the side for me.
I love it when things I create transcend even my thinking on the matter. Surprises are cool.

all images copyright Shana R. Goetsch

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Vag said...

very powerful. and pointy.