Saturday, November 22, 2008

Cool Snippets

That I found on the net today which also include yours truly. These are kind of fun, and the dude who set up the site got the general idea from StoryCorps. If you're not familiar with StoryCorps, it's a really great, travelling, archive of stories....ANY kind. People record their personal triumphs and tragedies, and memories, so that they can share them forever. I have seen/heard some of the greatest stories on that website... I was crying in the library at school and everything. It's a real well of humanity, it is.

Anyway, this is a take-off on that involving some MIAD students and faculty from a few years back. Ah, and one is all about guilt/regret, the other about flatulence ( I'm awesome). So I have two snippets (Shana Goetsch) just hit the play buttons on the page. Also, you'll need the volume on maximum.

Please visit the StoryCorps page as well. It's well worth your time, I promise.

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