Tuesday, November 18, 2008

'Deer Hart (Dear Heart)-Bloodsport'

'Deer Hart (Dear Heart)-Bloodsport'

I like the way this turned out...no found objects in this because there's a lot going on already. However I did include found papers, as in the last piece from this series.
This one has layers, meaning-wise...I tend to enjoy that immensely. An artist I just 'met' said that my work was disturbing. When pressed, he said that my work throws out that kind of a vibe, but that it probably means can I handle disturbing things better than most. I'm thinking he's super smart, and that I'll go with that line of reasoning from now on...painting makes my brain healthy. My brain's still kinda sad and broken, but yes, things are slightly easier to deal with now.

images copyright Shana R. Goetsch


Vag said...

wow, yo.
i didnt really get where you were going with it at first. and then the first part of the series had the deer with an arrow, and now this one...

shana said...

yup. all arrows, all the time.