Tuesday, October 28, 2008

I Miss My Stinky Art Shoes

I miss them. I still have them right outside the front door (because they are indeed, that stinky). But still, I miss going to my studio at school because that would give me a reason to wear them. Of course I always took them off when I got there, because soles of shoes can get pokey when you are sprawled all over the floor while painting.
But they are my printmaking/hardcore painting shoes. You wear these suckers when you don't want something dropped on your foot, or spilled, or you mean Official Art Business. Don't get me wrong, they are terrible leakers in the winter as they have holes on the sides now and there is a distinct crack starting to form on the bottom of one shoe, but they fit my feet! No socks, and they fit my feet perfectly, just like Cinderella.
I had the chance to wear them again while I painted a mural for the Art in the Alleys project a few weeks ago....which was awesome. I feel like a real artist when I wear them. (real artist artsy photo angle in 3, 2...)

Unfortunately, me having my studio located on any and every available inch of floor space in my apartment does not allow me to wear them for the time being.

So it's back outside for y'all. Hopefully, I will see you soon, my old stinky friends.

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Vag said...

stinky friends are my favorite.