Friday, September 25, 2015

Chroma in 3D

Recently, my Three-Dimensional Art & Design students created these very colorful large scale pieces. I'll update the third, Monday's class, when it is completely finished, but here's what they've been cooking so far in my classes...

challenge: Color Coding
key concepts: art as everyday, collaborative, high relief, color, mind mapping, pattern, visual organization, observation

Students are asked to create a collaborative piece of art by designing a color coded system from the found objects they collect. In this 4 week process, students focus on seeing objects beyond their normal function, embracing color and pattern, and creating a sense of community and a shared investment in artmaking.


Christine Buckton Tillman & Lisa Solomon, CHROMA, Gallery CA (images/article)
Emily Blincoe,  (Colossal, images/articles)
Raoul Servais, Chromophobia (animated film, 1966)

Thursday's class!

 Thursday's finished piece


Friday's class!

Friday's finished piece!

Monday's class actually created their piece using contrasting colors (background versus object) so that should be something new and different. In the meantime, I put the two of these in the display case, side by side, unfortunately I ran out of room while simultaneously taking over someone else's space.
What can I say, it's a gift...

...and just for fun, here is Chromophobia, the 1966 animated film from artist, Raoul Servais.

Sunday, September 6, 2015

Fluffy Rounds

Not sure about these...the why of it. Meh, they're fine, but I think this is an exercise in understanding, again, that I don't like using pristine, new materials...or acrylics, really.

Wednesday, September 2, 2015

De-Installation Blues

Aw. The LOSS felt with de-installation!

I took my exhibition down from the walls of Jubilee Arts yesterday. I wasn't really prepared, but was in the neighborhood; but I knew it was feasible based on what is laying around in my car, as far as bags and such. It was touchy work getting the tape off of some of the paper, but it was altogether one of the easiest de-installs I have done. I think this was a new record for me!

Although I did have to use my tweezers to get some of the rogue embedded pins out (Jubilee does not have an in-house pliers = totally weird). Those ball pin heads often pop right off, even if you are trying real hard not to let that happen; some just have a mind of their own. Anyway, I got those little suckers with my tweezers. Ye shall not outwit me, de-installation!

And let's all say a fond goodbye to the piece, Cut... it has a new home with artist, teacher, and all-around extraordinary gal, Cinder Hypki. I could not be any more pleased that it will live with her!

Because of my general feeling of loss and emptiness, I decided to apply to a few more solo exhibitions this week. This time, I submitted my work-in-progress series, Cog (the new mandalas). I applied to two solos total thus far, so I hope to get at least one of them and hope to find a few more places to apply. *fingers crossed*

Now that that's out of the way, I will return to the drudgery of writing for allthegrantsfellowshipsand awards. Dangit!

Friday, August 14, 2015

Eskhara Reception!

Photos courtesy of Christina Greer, Jubilee Arts!

Participatory crowd-sourced watercolor art piece!

Eskara is up until September 1st. Go check it out!

Tuesday, July 28, 2015

"Eskhara" at Jubilee Arts, August 2015

My solo exhibition, Eskhara, will debut at Jubilee Arts on Saturday, August 8th, with a reception from 4-6 pm. The show runs through September 1st, so please stop by and check it out!

Eskhara explores the psychological precursors to physicality through a series of watercolor paintings that focus on the material relationship between art and trauma; more specifically, art and healing psychological wounds or scars.

I'll have a participatory art piece for you on the night of the reception, so be there, Bmore!

Wednesday, July 15, 2015


Make sure you get down to ArtScape this weekend! You can see this piece (looks waaaay better in person) at the Artist Run Art Fair at the Charles Street Garage! My work is there in support of Force: Upsetting Rape Culture.

Masonry, 2009, watercolor on paper, 22" x 22"

This piece portrays the complications of sex, love and trust.

She physically becomes a guarded, solid mass, as if her body is made of stone. As seen through the closed up, walled off nature of her posture and position, she's entirely exposed, and vulnerable to the blast, yet remains steadfast and unflinching.


They'll also be showing the quilt square I created for The Monument Quilt. The way out...

Saturday, July 11, 2015

Art Of Shana: July - September

Hey...will you be at ArtScape?!

Then come check out the large figurative work on paper by me, that will be exhibited July 17-19, in the FORCE Project Space during ArtScape
2015! My piece, Masonry, will be shown for the first time, along with the Pelham Artist Residency work from Labbodies. I also worked really hard on a quilt square to be included in The Monument Quilt -- but if you know me, you already know that I used glue and paint, and a rather loose interpretation of "quilt square" instead. ;) Looks like FORCE will be located in the Charles Street Garage at the Artist-Run Art Fair during ArtScape weekend.


My next solo exhibition, Eskhara will be debuting at Jubilee Arts on Saturday, August 8th, with a reception from 4-6 pm. The show runs through September 1st, so please stop by and check it out!

I have been working on this extended series since 2002 and have created over 600 paintings of varying sizes encompassing the subject of circles. However, rather than the subject matter itself, my focus is on the material relationship of art and trauma, more specifically art and healing psychological wounds or scars.

I have dubbed these circles as internal, intuitive, and ‘about the body’, but I think there’s something more...wholeheartedness, vulnerability, comfortability, and seemingly ritualistic acts of painting. The pieces are acting as a scab or a tattoo; they are the permanent external product of internal emotion, and yet they are for me, ‘a way out’. This exhibition could be seen as a form of mapping, scarring, stumbling, and scumbling.

Monday, June 15, 2015

40th Wake Day's my birthday, BUT, I celebrated last night with some friends. Here is the (I think) hysterical invitation, just for funzies...

Held Hostage by Mercury

Mercury in retrograde, where to start with that guy...y'all...

You might remember my missed encounter with the LED Baltimore billboard earlier this year (detailed here). It seems I have gotten a second chance! The day after Mercury righted itself, I got an email that my work would be up last/this week. I got a few shots of it in its 52-foot glory on Friday, and I think it's up through Wednesday. It was very exciting for me, and worth the wait!

At around the same time I was finishing up this piece about my old pal, Mercury. Tricksters gotta trick...

Retrograde: Contempt for Mercury

And in other FORWARD momentum news, I picked up the postcards for my upcoming solo exhibition at Jubilee Arts in Baltimore! The reception will be on August 8, 2015, hooray!

Until next time, Mercury. *shakes fist*

Monday, June 8, 2015

Ghost Purgatory

Newest piece, Ghost Purgatory, for when you feel like you're going somewhere...but you're totally not, and you haven't been for generations.

Saturday, May 16, 2015

At the Opening

Last night was the opening reception for Putting the Pieces Together at Baltimore Clayworks! Quite a few people I knew came through, and I knew several of the artists, as well. It was very, very hot in the room where my work was located (just from sheer number of bodies). You can actually see that I'm fairly sweaty, in the second photograph of me with exhibiting artist, Tamara Payne.

In the meantime, I created this piece, in the same vein as what's currently showing at Clayworks...

No Focus On, 2015

Saturday, May 9, 2015

Bmore Beats

A portion of a conversation on the recent impressions, recorded for remembering purposes.

It was pretty close for me on Monday, but other than that it was okay...the feeling of sadness and oppression and anger was pretty bad all week, like you were eating it and it was angrily living in your pores. I think sometimes I'm an empath...I can't really do crowds either, pretty sensitive to 'a room' as well.

I did not like the chorus of helicopters one bit. I am used to them here, every weekend, but four at a time directly over you, circling for hours, day after day, really feels like you are under siege. You could block it out, or so you thought, but when it stopped for an hour or so during the day it was like the best, most blissful moment ever created, and you were so thankful. I asked my neighbor how she felt and she said 'brain fog'. It's true. I caught myself slumped on the couch staring into nothingness a few times. I could not think or DO anything at all, other than Baltimore. I got nothing done, and for me that's really abnormal. It was a week of fight or flight for me, personally, with the PTSD. That's all wonky as it is for me, so it didn't help. I wasn't fearful of rioting or the people here or anything though. Just the martial law and the depth of the pain.

Last Monday though, was the worst. I was in class for five hours..about 12ish to 5:30-ish in Columbia, and teaching, so I wasn't on the internet at all. No idea. I am SO LUCKY I listen to the radio and not CD's, as a rule. So I did not know anything until I got in my car at 5:45ish in Columbia. And even then, it took me all the way down 29 and almost to 70 to piece it together from the DJ's and the people calling in (92Q hip hop and r&b station) because they were not being explicit at first, so I was having to 'read between the lines' a lot. And then everything dawned on me, but I was really thinking to get there, and then they started describing the overhead shots of Penn/North LIVE, and I was about a half hour away at that point and the intersection was not shut down yet... and I go straight through Penn/North to get home. Penn/North is close enough, that it tells my body I'm home.

I called Allison who lives off of 83 here, and asked her if it was open and the exit was open at North. I went around on 695 north to 83 south and aggressively wove in and out of traffic because that route took forever and I didn't want them to shut down 83 on me in the meantime. I wanted to be locked in rather than locked out, if it were to happen. So yeah, I was beating the clock. It was all so surreal.


...We had our TFAP event, Walpurgisnacht, 'Feminist May Day' on Friday and that was pretty decent. We had some food, and some artmaking, and some rituals to cleanse, and some sage and stuff. We also had two light dancers. Anyway, it was pretty nice to just talk to other people for a moment.

Then on Saturday was Kelly's Labyrinth Walk for Peace. I think it could have been mega hokey if it were not for the snare drum 'heartbeat' that was happening while we ALL walked. That was super cool.

"The goal of life is to make your heartbeat match the beat of the universe."
-Joseph Campbell

Black Lives Matter. This is the Beat of the Universe, echoing for us.

Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Three Mandalas

I'll be dropping off my pieces for the exhibition, Putting the Pieces Together, tomorrow at Baltimore Clayworks. Sneak Peek...

 (detail, Collected Violence)

Don't miss Putting the Pieces Together: An Exhibition to Address What is Broken, curated by Sarah McCann...coming up!

Where: Baltimore Clayworks
When: May 15 - July 4, 2015
Reception: May 15, 2015 6-8 pm

 Hope to see you.

Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Little Pieces, Big Pieces

Hey Baltimore, I'll have three works of art in this exhibition -- which is weird, given that I am not a ceramicist -- but it has happened nonetheless! Join me on May 15th!!!


Putting the Pieces Together: An Exhibition to Address What is Broken
Curated by Sarah McCann

Where: Baltimore Clayworks
When: May 15 - July 4, 2015
Reception: May 15, 2015 6-8 pm

What do artists do with broken pieces? What do we all do with our broken pieces? As ceramic artists, we experience breakage everyday. As mosaic artists we use our broken pieces to create beautiful objects. This exhibition asked artists to address the questions of how things are put back together when they break. Sometimes breakage is purposeful, like cracking an egg for breakfast. Sometimes it is unintentional like breaking someone's heart. Some things were broken through a violent history and through generations still need to be healed.

The cement and grout that is used to adhere broken pieces of tile, mirror and mixed media create beautiful objects that hold meaning not just as a whole, but in each piece used to create the image or sculpture they become together. The artists that work in this art form weave together personal stories and larger narratives of the histories that we share.

This exhibition asked artists to create mosaic work that speak of things that are broken and illustrate how we as individuals and a community work with one another to put the pieces back together.

Saturday, March 28, 2015

Word Art at TAC!

I recently dropped-off my work at the Towson Arts Collective for the upcoming Word Art show! I enjoyed the theme...and so here we are. The opening reception will also feature readings from writers, poets, etc. Should be a good time, hope to see you there, Baltimore!