Thursday, December 13, 2012

My Stolen Art - Taken from Honey Carry-out in Baltimore

Within the last month, I found out that one of the pieces I competed for MICA's Invited: The Anniversary List was stolen. It was taken from the corner of Barclay and East Federal Streets in Bmore. Whomever took this had to use a ladder and cut about 15 zip ties off. Although I am flattered that someone went to SO much trouble, they still STOLE something from a neighborhood that enjoyed and celebrated the work and time I put in with them. It was a GIFT to them and someone decided they needed it in their living room more. LAME.

So Baltimore, if you happen to see this art at any house parties you go to this holiday doesn't belong to them. Do the right thing, please take it down and return it to Mr. Park at Honey Carry-out in Station North.

This took much time and love out of me. And I want Mr Park to have his art back.

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