Wednesday, August 31, 2011

ATCTE is BACK + More Fun Stuff

Hey all, my other blog, Art That Circles the Earth is now back on after a hiatus. Check out some newly finished mandalas, and the new general plan right here. If you an artist interested in working on this project with me (or with someone else-why not?), please let me know. You'll have at least one guaranteed exhibit at MICA in Baltimore, being that this will be my thesis project for this year.

If you want in on this, please let me know: (or my profile on blogger will just link you directly to my email too) I'm very excited for a new year!

I would also like to briefly mention that I donated a few small watercolors for 901 Arts, 901 Day! It happens tomorrow at 901 Montpelier Street in Baltimore. Food and tours and auction items for $9.01 admission. What a cool ideal, it's a "friendraiser".

ETA: Both of the pieces I donated to 901 Arts SOLD!  Yay for them, it's a great community space for all forms of art. They made me feel right at home when I was a guest artist there this spring.

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