Saturday, September 25, 2010

Exhibition Photos

I uploaded my last three, east coast exhibitions onto flickr this morning. Click here for the slideshow:

I also shot this video of the MACA show! Here's your tour, with glances at many of the artists. At the end of it you will hear me trying to explain how to pronounce my name...a daily occurrence...(I was told by one of my friends that it's a perfect artist name because of the confusion, it adds to the so called 'artist mystique'.)



Inkpunk Artworks said...


You are a very busy girl! Love the part about your last name - classic!

Nice show! I'll check out "the Flickr." Thanks for the heads up!

Hope all is well with you,

Vag said...

hilarious. seriously, you really do have to pronounce it all the time. i dont get why, it literally is spelled how it sounds in my head.