Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Update! (Spill)

Ah ha, so I was rooting around for images of that show that I was maybe going to be in, but wouldn't tell you until I had confirmation...I now have confirmation. I was in the exhibition, Going Postal at the Torpedo Factory's, 'Target Gallery' this past weekend. The show was up during their winter open house, so that's good. Anyway, The Torpedo Factory Art Center is located Alexandria, Virginia. So, that means I finally made it across to one of the coasts!

And, I can direct you to the photo where you can barely make my postcards out, but they were officially there! (you can vaguely see them in the middle/right of the photo, and in the middle of the line)

Even slight validation, is such a cool thing.

1 comment:

Vag said...

hahaha...i wish there was a closer pic cause i can clearly tell they are yours.
still, its nice to see them there.