Friday, December 4, 2009


These are some of the pieces that I will show at the Opening Exhibition of the Terry McCormick Gallery. I also received a request from Evelyn to show some of my Deer Hart (Dear Heart), series at the gallery as well. Those, I have not decided on yet, so I will show you what I am bringing in the line of abstractions. Stay tuned tomorrow night for photos of the exhibit!

Sugar I

Sugar II

Sugar III

Sugar IV

Ball of String Theory I

Ball of String Theory II

Ball of String Theory III

Ball of String Theory IV


Anonymous said...

All great works my favourite is Ball of string III, i was wondering how you stumbled upon your ideas for your deer hart series of work.

shana goetsch said...

oh, that's a complicated one....a deer almost ran me off the road, bow hunting season...mythical huntresses...metaphors, double word meanings. take your pick.
actually, if you hit the tag "deer" on the side, i go through each one of them in inception.

deer were just flinging themselves at me last fall, figuratively and literally.

Heather said...


shana goetsch said...

thanks! already back. will post pics or a link to pics pretty soon! looking at the photos right now...i'm so awkward in front of my own work...

Vag said...

are these seperate from your 365 series?
waiting for the pics from tonight--excited!