Friday, May 1, 2009

I Am So Late

I hope to never be this late posting the weekly watercolory circles again. I'm terrible!

Now, I really like this set, starting with the first one, 365.ninety-nine. And on that note, we crossed the 'one-hundred' mark in this round as well.

Okay, so the first one in this group has some odd liquids dripped on it. This has a special blend of radichio and butter(!) plus watercolors. Yeeeah, the radichio had a pretty-colored juice when I cooked it, and I also knew the grease would resist. It's a bit of crusty fun, it is.

365.ninety-nine, one, two, three, four, five



Vag said...

99 is killer, kinda makes me think of what it would look like from space after an ateroid crashed into earth. the imprint of the impact causing the outline to rise like a mountainous circle.

104-what the moon looks like here- through fog infested swamp land.

shana goetsch said...

it's blue? cooooool.

Heather said...

one-hundred,four is my fave!!!

shana goetsch said...

yes, one-hundred, four is a great example of how to appropriate an image and CHANGE IT SIGNIFICANTLY, (lookin at you Gubanov)

Vag said...

many times its blue b/c the light from the moon bounces back against the swamp mist/fog/texture/layer and it looks blue.