Thursday, April 2, 2009


Field of View VIII

Field of View VII

No longer mine. I just dropped these two pieces off as a donation for the Riverwest Artists Association's upcoming Furnace Show and Silent Auction Event. The fund raising event will be Saturday April 25th, with early bidding starting on Milwaukee's Gallery Night, April 17th. If you are in the area, and take a particular fancy to these, you can get them for cheap...just make a bid. (suggested price at $60.oo each, ready to hang)

And I am now an RAA Board Member, as well as being on the Gallery out, Milwaukee.

If you would like to learn a little something extra about our new space, The Jazz Gallery please go here.


Heather Gordy said...


shana goetsch said...

kinda nice to be up on gallery night in any capacity. it's a big deal round these parts.
i gotta start giving them away.

Vag said...

wish i could be there! hj j bhb j

shana goetsch said...

what's with the hj j bhb j. is that code? wha?

Vag said...

i have no idea what that is...jai ho