Saturday, February 28, 2009

Speak To Me

I was going to do this whole thing about color today, and that led me to youtube, and that led me to the The Color Purple, and I got immersed in it. It remains one of the best movies ever, in my opinion. I am all up and down in this movie, my emotions flipping around, slamming into things. Wonderful, when a collaboration in art can make you feel so much. I first saw this movie when it was released, with my mother. At the time in my young life it was indeed powerful, but I didn't grasp all of its themes quite yet. (I must have been around twelve years old, so I think I may be excused)

But no matter how many times I watch this it is powerful. I can't really get over how it has such staying power, but it does. This is the bawlingest movie I will undoubtedly ever be privy to see. (A close second goes to The Joy Luck Club because of its heavy mother/daughter theme) Even the happy parts in The Color Purple are so incredibly elated and beautifully portrayed that they make me bawl. I normally spend over half of the movie in a state of tears and higher blood pressure. I'm pretty much done for, after her sister gets (literally) ripped from her. Most. Powerful. Scene. Ever. It's difficult to hard to watch, but so rewarding.

Two of the happiest parts:

That woman's voice is akin to a snifter of top shelf brandy.

This ever so vaguely ties in with my next piece, which will feature some words from 'Amazing Grace'. It's the one song in all the world that can make me weep no matter how badly it's sung.

The arts have power, they give voice.


shana goetsch said...

just watched this three times in the last day and i cried just as hard each time. my god, but i love this movie!

Vag said...

i hear you! i fast forward that part, like i said, or cant watch it. but its just so amazingly powerful in every way. they got the raw deal, fo sho.