Saturday, December 13, 2008

Stars Screaming

Just a little note before I forget....I was thinking about loss, and the recent loss of my cat. And how his entombment box is located on top of a book that I hollowed out. I chose the book from the 10 cent bargain bin a few summers ago because of the title, 'Stars Screaming'.
I've got to say, I think that that is one of the most excellent book titles I've ever encountered, in terms of how much it made me THINK. Two words, and they made me think so hard and so often.
Those words are making me think again, and for the next piece, whatever I do, it will have some semblance of those words in them.

The words themselves are just so simple, and they could seem to not even make sense alone, and with no discernible context, but if you put them together... and if you ask yourself further questions about the words and what they might mean, you begin to build a story or a narrative. So I have been thinking over the past few months, what those words would mean to me, and in what context I would place them.

I wondered, what could possibly be so bad that the stars would scream? And who are they screaming for? What would make the stars in the sky have such extreme emotion; outrage and anger perhaps....or even desperation? What or whom could do that? The answer I came up with, is that the stars are screaming for their loss. The universe/heavens/sky has lost something fundamental and detrimental to the core of its being.

And here's where it comes back to me....and what I have lost, and what I feel is fundamentally gone from me and how it makes me feel. So I further thought about the process of loss, and I came upon 'helplessness'. The very act of stars screaming, is most distinctly a response to their own helpless outrage. So it's an impotency of emotion that the stars now have (I'm taking you through my thought process, in case you didn't get it by now) which is why they scream.....they scream out of outrage for a situation...Or they scream in outrage for someone else...

The stars scream when the victim has no voice, they scream for the voiceless. The stars scream when no one else can.

That thought, although a bit intimidating in its massiveness, is very comforting. Like the universe will take care of its own....that sorta thing.....*wanders out*

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Vag said...

i had an effin dream about this last night!
holy jeebers, call me!