Monday, November 3, 2008

Of Life

I have been thinking about life a lot lately, why I have this desire to paint. I have always enjoyed it, but there is a certain amount of urgency to things now, as I grow older. I feel myself scrambling to make my mark on the world somehow. I probably won't get married or have children; there is literally no one to carry me on, so to speak.
Who will remember me if I don't paint? Who will remember that I was even in the world painting? I guess it's a part of the ferocity with which I produce lately, I'm facing my own mortality.
Memories fade at some point, and time removes details. So I'm leaving my mark for the world now. Right here, right now.

Of Life 3/8, Of Life 1/8, Of life 5/8
Shana R. Goetsch 2008


Vag said...

i love these!

shana said...

thank you. (get ready for da grate ootdoors and da deer)