Sunday, October 26, 2008

Body Movin'

Blood Vessel 13/24

That's right, I purged a big one this time. I made 24 paintings in approximately 24 hours. The's a continuing motif for me. I make them during the in-between times when I know I want to paint, but I just can't wrap my head around things. If I can't say what I need to say just yet in other ways, I meditate with the circles.

With this particular series, I was seriously on auto-pilot. I just painted, I just did. Let me say this though, the circles are not my favorites. I feel that they don't take enough time, enough work, or enough struggle for me. But I asked myself, 'Does it always have to be a struggle?' Nope. I don't think it does. But I DO believe that when I paint these...they are the times when I am shattered the most and can find no words, no real concepts. When I can find nothing else, I still find those circles. Pure, subconscious, gooey, insides.

But I feel I can be 'blah' about them, nonetheless, because they are a purge. They make me feel better when I paint them, even if I consider them to be 'fluffy' and low on the challenge scale. Still, they are purely from me, from my insides. (You may consider them my guts on paper, if you wish.) I make the circle paintings when I can't express what else is inside. When I have a lock on my expression and my voice. They are wholly bodily. It's why I name them the way I do now.

Blood Vessel 16/24

Blood Vessel 19/24

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